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2018 Winter Semester Christian Education Course Catalog and Registration

First Church has a wide variety of classes, small groups and studies available during the 2018 Winter Semester. These classes are divided into three types based on course content. The three types are Bible Studies, Faith Formation Classes, and Christian Living classes. The Winter Semester takes place from January 17 – February 7. Classes marked ongoing are continuous. All classes meet weekly during the semester, unless otherwise noted. Participants are welcome to join a class even after the start date.

2018 Winter Semester Christian Education Course Catalog PDF

Registration (See Registration Form Below)
While registration for classes is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Use the form below or download the PDF here.


Banned Questions Join us for a group discussion tackling controversial questions about faith, Jesus and the Bible. Hosted by the Intergenerational Class, led by Denise Van Atta. Sunday | Begins January 14th | 9:30am | Christian Living | WP204


Centering Prayer
This community group is an open group that meets weekly on Monday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 to facilitate the deepening of our relationship with God and each other through the practice of centering prayer in order that we might be transformed into Christ’s likeness for the transformation of the world.
Monday | 10:00am | Donell Seager | Christian Living | S120

Faith and Fitness
This book and Bible based discussion group studies a variety of topics throughout the year.
Monday | 5:15pm | Christian Living | Front Lawn

Monday Night Bible Class
All are invited to join this class as they study the Book of Genesis. This story of beginnings helps us understand more clearly God’s purpose in beginning to form a people with the likes of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah and Jacob and Esau.
Monday | 6:00pm | Bill Bond | Bible Study | PH101


Lunch Bunch Group
This study and information group is sponsored by the United Methodist Women and participates in a variety of studies led by various speakers. A previous study included the book An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor. Participants are encouraged to bring a lunch or snack to share with the group.
4th Tuesday | 11:45am | Ongoing | Nettie Joseph | Faith Formation | Perry Home


Joe Harrell Men’s Bible Study Group
The Joe Harrell Men’s Bible Breakfast is a Bible study and fellowship designed especially for men. This group gathers for breakfast, followed by a devotion and presentation on a variety of topics. The Bible Breakfast has continually met for 40+ years and is always looking for new members.
Wednesday | 7:00am | Mike Vance | Bible Study | The Wright Place

Dad’s Bible Study
All dads are invited for a time of Bible study and Christian fellowship with other dads.
Wednesday | 7:30am | Bill Bond | Bible Study | Panera Bread at Cordova Mall

Women at the Well
This book and Bible-based discussion group for women of all ages studies a variety of topics throughout the year.
Wednesday | 10:30am | Bible Study | Perry Home

Bible with Brandon
Rev. Brandon Bures, Associate Pastor, leads participants in a weekly in-depth discussion of the upcoming lectionary passages for Sunday. Lunch is available for purchase.
Wednesday | Noon | Rev. Brandon Bures | Bible Study | The Wright Place

Senior Pastor’s Bible Study
Join Senior Pastor, Wesley H. Wachob, as he leads a study of Paul and Elizabeth Achtemeier’s book: The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith. Come study how “the Lordship of Jesus is firmly rooted in the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament.”
Wednesday | 6:00pm | Dr. Wesley H. Wachob | Bible Study | Wesley Abbey

Methodists in Mission
Did you know that the heart of Methodism is rooted in missions? John Wesley was a missionary to the British colony in Georgia. Even at Oxford University, John Wesley and the Holy Club would visit prisoners and the sick. This class will explore the history of Methodists in missions and better understand the mission of the United Methodist Church today.
Wednesday | 6:00pm | Rev. Brandon Bures | Bible Study | PH101

Pascal’s Pensees
Discussion of Pascal’s Pensees, a defense of the Christian faith left incomplete at the time of his death in 1662. According to Pascal, “We know the truth not only through our reason but also through our heart. It is through the latter that we know first principles, and reason, which has nothing to do with it, tries in vain to refute them.”
Wednesday | 6:00pm | David Ramsey | Bible Study | Perry Home Parlor

Boundaries with Kids
In this study, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend offer the help you need to raise kids who take responsibility for their lives and attitudes. Parents will learn how to set loving limits, bring control to an out-of-control life, define appropriate boundaries and consequences for children, and much more.
Wednesday | 6:00pm | Lisa Bond and Sarah Hicks | Christian Living | PH201

Parents of Young Children
This group of parents will study topics including growing your faith, Christian parenting, passing your faith to your children, and more.

Wednesday | 6:00pm | Lacey Adair | Christian Living | EB207

Young Professionals
This group is made up of people in their 20s-30s. They meet every other week off campus to fellowship and discuss life circumstances, biblical topics and current events.
Wednesday | 6:30pm | Valerie Virgilio | Ongoing | Bible Study and Faith Formation | Off-Campus at City Grocery


This class promotes flexibility, balance, alignment, strength & relaxation. Fee is $5 – $7 per class. Bring your own mat.
Thursday | 9:00am | Lynn Bonner Jackson | Christian Living | EB201

Mom’s Bible Study
All moms are invited to join us for our weekly Bible Study. Come join us for great discussion, friendship and faith building. We will begin with a study, Hospitality: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life.
Thursday | 9:30am | Lisa Bond | Bible Study | EB207

God’s Stories Group
This group reads and discusses short stories from Christian and secular perspectives. All are invited to this study sponsored by the United Methodist Women.
2nd Thursday | 10:00am | Ongoing | Janice Anderson | Faith Formation | Perry Home

Study of Prayer
This group participates in various studies on prayer with a focus on growing in faith through prayer. This group is sponsored by the Ruth Braden and Eleanor Nichols group of the United Methodist Women.
1st Thursday | 10:00am | Ongoing | Nancy Shealy | Faith Formation | Perry Home

Weight Watchers
The Weight Watchers program is not a diet. It’s about living. Your best self isn’t just about a magical number on the scale. It’s about seeing food as fuel for a healthy life, finding ways to move more each day, and developing the skills to unlock your inner strength so you can make healthy choices for life. Yes, you will lose weight. But with Weight Watchers, you’ll also gain a whole new perspective on getting — and staying — healthy.
Thursday | 5:00pm | Christian Living | PH101


Make sure to check out the small groups, classes, & studies offered throughout the week just for children, tweens, & youth. Learn more by contacting Lisa Bond (Children) at, Caitlyn Bowlds (Tween) at, and Denise Van Atta (Youth) at