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Ann Pettersen Burgoyne Memorial Scholarship

Ann Pettersen Burgoyne
March 9, 1931—June 4, 1995

Ann Pettersen Burgoyne was a native and lifelong resident of Pensacola. She took great pride in becoming a member of the Florida Pioneer Descendant Organization, with ancestors habitating in Escambia County for five generations.

Ann excelled as a student at Pensacola High School, graduating in the top ten of her class. She attained membership in the National Honor Society and was State Reporter for the Future Homemakers of America. While attending Vanderbilt University, she was inducted into the Pi Beta Phi Sorority.

After her marriage to Caleb Reese Burgoyne, III. in 1949, she became a member of First United Methodist Church, The Burgoyne family affiliation dates back to the beginning of First Church. Ann and Caleb had four children—Reese, Sally, Mary, and John. All were brought up at First Church. Ann taught the nursery age children during her child rearing years.

During Ann’s fortieth year, Caleb died of cancer. As a widow at this young age, Ann was forced to become self-sufficient. She studied, and graduated from Pensacola Junior College with an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. Her career in nursing at West Florida Regional Medical Center lasted fifteen years, until medical disability forced her into retirement.

Ann lived out life in the world with honesty and realism about the happenstances of living in this world; life is not always fair and kind. Ann’s special witness was seen in how she took many things in stride. She was a strong advocate for her patients and had a unique sense of humor. She was always willing to serve others, putting their needs before her own. Through Ann, friends and family saw what inner strength and sheer determination could accomplish. In 1995, at the age of 64, Ann died of cancer.

The scholarship in her memory was initiated with gifts from family and friends and is designed to assist in the continuing education of individuals pursuing a degree in higher education, preferably in the field of nursing.


1997 Letwyla White
1998 Letwyla White
1999 Letwyla White
2000 Letwyla White
1999 Allyson Armour
2000 Allison McDaniel
2001 Heather Guyette
2001 Ashlee Fountain
2002 Ashlee Fountain
2002 Tiffany McGinnis
2002 Erin Thompson
2003 Erin Thompson
2004 Lorrie Justice
2004 Ferdilyn Damaso
2005 Pam Davies
2006 John Burgoyne
2007 Hannah Dupre
2008 Ron A. MacBeth
2010 Drew Branch
2011 Amanda Farr
2013 Elise Nicole Griffin
2014 Elise Nicole Griffin
2014 Brady Schmidt


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