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Charles and Marian Trinkner Scholarship


Charles L. Trinkner was born on May 5, 1920, in Bellevue, Wisconsin. Charles attended the University of Florida where he earned a Bachelor of Education Degree, and a Masters of Education Degree. He later received his Masters of Library Science at Louisiana State University and was the Librarian at Pensacola Junior College from 1954 until his retirement. He was awarded a D.W.W. Honorary Doctorate from Loyola University.

Marian Rumph Trinkner was born in Columbia County, Florida on March 11, 1916. She attended the University of Florida where she earned an AA Degree, Bachelor of Arts in Education and Masters of Education. Her teaching career spanned approximately 48 years. In Pensacola she was the Dean of Girls at Escambia High School and was principal of N.B. Cook Elementary School. Marian retired from the school systems in Alabama and Florida. She died in Pensacola in 1990.

Charles and Marian met in 1950 when Charles was student teaching and Marian was a teacher at the Alachua High School. They were married some ten weeks after they first dated. They enjoyed a thirty-eight year love affair in which jointly they dedicated their lives to each other, the education of children and their church. They were both members of Pensacola First United Methodist Church.


1990 James Thomas
1991 Edy Replogle
1992 Kirsten DeWitt
1993 Sandy Spiwak
1994 Todd Lovelace
1994 Whitney Voeltz
1995 Kelly Marsh
1995 Jason Ripley
1995 Margaret Moulton
1995 Aimee Williams
1996 Trip Maygarden
1997 Jennifer McLeod
1998 Alexis Leader
1999 Bryan Ball
2000 Lindsey Evans
2001 Preston Forshee
2001 Toby Philpot
2002 Thomas Philpot
2002 Andrew Perkins
2003 Tracie Rogers
2004 Kaylie Blaise
2005 Tracie Rogers
2006 Sarah Bullock
2006 Allison White
2007 Jackson Moore
2008 Leanna Roll
2009 Susannah Walters
2010 Drew Branch
2011 Chris Varnson
2012 Thomas Pierce
2013 Elise Nicole Griffin
2014 Preston Jones


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