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Bob Duell was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Completing schools there, he earned a four-year scholarship to Yale University where he received his Engineering Degree. Immediately following his graduation, he joined the Navy and served as an officer on an LST in the Pacific during WWII. During the Battle of Okinawa his ship was hit by a Japanese suicide plane. He was hospitalized and later given a Purple Heart Award.

At the end of the war he married Beryl Boerner and began his career with Armstrong Cork Co. Two children, Leslie and Elizabeth, were born in Pennsylvania. In 1950 he was sent to the newly established plant in Pensacola, FL, where he worked in chemical research.

Joining Pensacola’s First United Methodist Church in 1950, he served in almost every capacity, including Chairman of the Official Board, Trustees and Superintendent of the Church School. Bob worked many years with the youth, which was his favorite work. He initiated several programs in the church, such as the first Boy Scout Troop, the first Square Dance Club, and was a part of the nucleus group that began the Lipscomb Class. In addition to his church, he served the community as President of the YMCA.

Beryl Duell’s family was among the original settlers of Tripp County, South Dakota. The last of ten children, she became the first of her family to graduate high school. She was also a devout member of First UMC of Pensacola where she served for more than 50 years in a variety of responsible positions.


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