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Emma M. Becker Memorial Scholarship


Mrs. Becker was born in Little Meadows, Pennsylvania in 1915. She grew up in Endicott, NY where she was an honor student in high school. Although she could not afford college to further her education, she attended the Lowell School of Business. With this training she became a bookkeeper for an automotive dealer for thirteen years. She was always a believer in higher education and liked to encourage young people to reach their goals.

Emma married her husband, Art Becker in 1938 and they had two children – Bonnie and Art. They moved to Azalea Trace in 1994 to be closer to their family. Before her death, she was an active member in Methodist Churches in Endicott, NY; New Canaan, Connecticut; Rochester, Minnesota; and Raleigh, NC.


1998 Dan Lovelace
1999 Courtney Holston Toth
2000 Becker Mohanco
2001 Paige Simmons
2002 Lori Blackmon
2003 Julia McMath
2004 Nichole Christopher
2005 Lauren Elens
2006 Emma Logdahl
2007 Stuart Hibyan
2008 Tommy Jacobson
2010 Stephanie Sharp
2010 Melanie Titus
2011 Alyn Beauregard
2013 Austin Keller
2014 Carlie Del Gallo


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