Services in-person & online at 8:30 and 11:00am at Florida's Oldest United Methodist Church

First Church Lecture Series

As part of our 2019 focus on Christian Education, we introduce the First Church Lecture Series, sponsored by the Percy Institute. This series feature various academic theologians throughout the year.

Our second session will feature Dr. Michael P. Foley.  Michael P. Foley is a Catholic theologian and an associate professor of Patristics in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University and the author of 250 articles and eleven books, including Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday?, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Christianity, a children’s book entitled Gus Finds God, and two cocktail books: Drinking with the Saints and Drinking with Saint Nick. Dr. Foley lives with his wife and six children in Waco, Texas.

First United Methodist Church, Wesley Abbey
“How to Drink Like a Saint” 
September 8  |  6:00pm
University of West Florida, Music Hall of the Center for Fine and Performing Arts
“St. Augustine of Hippo and the Quest for Self-Knowledge.”
September 9  |  6:00pm