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J.B. and Eleanor Nichols Scholarship


The education fund established as a memorial to Eleanor Cook Graham Nichols was initiated by gifts made at the time of her death in early January, 1985. She was Canadian-born but became a citizen of the United States about 1941. Her family, which included many Christian educators and pastors, were members of the Methodist Church prior to the creation of the United Church of Canada, in which the Methodist Church was the major component.

In 1938 Eleanor married John Bransford Nichols, a scholarly Methodist pastor from Alabama who had just graduated from Yale Divinity School.  They met when her father was teaching at the American School for Oriental Research in Palestine.    Eleanor and J.B. had four daughters and several grandchildren.

Eleanor Nichols possessed a splendid mind, a loving spirit, and was an inveterate reader.  A great teacher, she also had gifts of leadership that took her into offices in district and annual conference work among Methodist women. She served five years as President of the Alabama-West Florida United Methodist Women.


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