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Lauren Ramsey Memorial Scholarship


Lauren was a fourth generation of individuals who carried their membership at First Methodist United Church, her great grandmother, Edna de la Rua, her grandparents, Max and Virginia de la Rua, and her mother, Jan Ramsey and brother, Charles Ramsey. She was an excellent student at Pensacola High School taking honor classes and was involved in many dimensions of life in Air Force ROTC, reading and writing, First Church youth group, and scuba diving. Her adventurous and gentle spirit created much interest in animals, space and people. She died in the fifteenth year of her life with most of her hopes and dreams never to be realized in this world.

During the course of her brief life she lived in many places: New Bern, North Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Burke, Virginia; Valencia, California; and Pensacola, Florida. Although her adventurous spirit has moved beyond us into eternal life, she is memorialized by this significant scholarship through gifts from her friends, church and family.


1993 Meredith Moseley
1994 Julie Callahan
1995 Joy Bennink
1996 Peyton Moseley
1997 Charles Ramsey
1998 Travis Hurd
1999 Tommy Davies
2000 Pam Davies
2001 Lorrie Justice
2002 Sam Sumlin
2003 Amanda Davies
2004 Michael Gund
2005 Molly Thompson
2006 Brady Schmidt
2007 Walker Wilson
2008 Katie McPherson
2009 Brock Brown
2010 Katie Wachob
2011 Maren Leonard
2012 Kristen Olliff
2013 Madison Leonard
2014 Richard Trawick


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