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Project Nebo

Empowering the Generations
Sermon series | January 14 – February 11 | All Services

In the scriptural imagination, Nebo is a place of transition. On Mt. Nebo, the Lord revealed the promised land to Moses and passed the leadership baton to Joshua—a symbolic transition from one generation to the next. In our contemporary context, the world faces a Nebo moment, characterized by a leadership crisis and the crucial handoff from one generation to the next. Project Nebo is designed to help the church talk about the historical generation transition that is occurring and to help each generation discern what God is calling them to do in this season. 

Sociologists William Strauss and Neil Howe’s generational theory illuminates the paradigm shifts occurring across generations. We are currently in a significant generational transition, that they call the “Fourth Turning”, marked by challenges akin to historical upheavals such as the Great Depression, World Wars, Civil War, and revolutionary periods. At the core of this transition lies the challenge of passing the baton to the next generation of leaders.

Presently, both society and the church focus on the issues of older generations, neglecting the challenges faced by the majority—particularly the Millennials, now the largest generation. It is imperative for the church to pivot toward the future, involving and empowering this generation in leadership and planning. The time has come for a proactive approach. 

On, January 14, 2024 we embarked on Project Nebo. It has begun with a five-week study of leadership using the story of Moses, Joshua, and Rahab and their call to move forward to the promised land. During all of our services we have been focusing on a different part of the story each Sunday in the Season After Epiphany.

January 14 – Project Nebo: Empowering the Generations (view bulletin)
January 21 – Team Moses: A Vision for the Future (view bulletin)
January 28 – Team Joshua: Courage to Lead (view bulletin)
February 4 – Team Rahab: The Faith of Outsiders (view bulletin)
February 11- Nebo’s Blessing: Moving Forward to Promise

NEBO GENERATION GROUPS | Sundays, 9:45 – 10:45am

During this series, we will also be hosting Nebo Generation Groups on Sunday mornings from 9:45 – 10:45am during the Sunday School hour. In these generation-specific groups, we will be asking members to reflect on their experiences in the church and as leaders; as well as asking questions about what we hope for the future of our church and how we can work together to follow God into our shared future. We ask that you pick one of the following groups to attend.

Team Joshua Groups (ages 18-55≈)
Team Joshua, representing the younger generations, is tasked with offering gratitude and respect to the older generations. Embracing leadership, they are the future leaders we need. As they navigate challenges and failures, they must choose to be strong and courageous, akin to Joshua taking the baton.
January 7 | The Consulate, 2nd Floor, Rm 205
January 21 | The Wright Place, 2nd Floor, Rm 233

Team Moses Groups (ages 55+≈)
The older generations, analogous to Team Moses, have faithfully led the church through significant times. Now, facing the end of their calling, they are called to pass the baton and offer a blessing. Despite concerns about the younger generation’s capability, they must choose to trust God and lead like Moses to Nebo, rather than succumbing to fear in the desert.
January 14 | Lower Sanctuary, Rm 118
January 28 | The Wright Place, 2nd Floor, Rm 206

Team Rahab Group – New Members
Team Rahab comprises outsiders to the church, bringing fresh perspectives. As newcomers, they possess the ability to see things that insiders may overlook. Like Rahab, who became the great-grandmother of David and Jesus, Team Rahab is called to welcome others into the community and be pioneers of the next phase of Church life. 
February 4 | The Wright Place, Great Hall

In our day, the church is called to this very important transition work. God is calling our church forward to our promised land. Please join us as we summit Nebo together.