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Rev. Jessie Robert Mackey Scholarship


Rev. Jessie Robert Mackey
May 23, 1967 – February 1, 1986

The night before Bob died, Chris Baxter, Bob’s great-nephew, sent the following message:

Dear Uncle Bob,

The stars are bright and seem very close on this clear night. The seas are pounding the reef not too far from here. The palm trees are swaying as only they can do in the light trade winds and my boat is gently rocking us to sleep. Amidst all this nature I always feel closer to God and tonight God’s been speaking to me of you.

He’s telling me to look at your life and learn. See how a man can live a life of love and love the life he lives. See how one man can help shape the lives of so many. Not through preaching, but teaching. Not by pushing, but by guiding. Not by convincing, but through believing. When the body’s been weak, your hand has given strength; when the heart was heavy, your words have given comfort; when the soul was darkened, your faith has been a light – so many times, for so many people.

Thanks for all the prayers. Thanks for all the stories. Thanks for all the music and fellowship. Thanks even for all those corny jokes. Most of all though, thanks for being a wonderful example of the good in life.

God is smiling over you, Bob Mackey – and he’s very proud and honored to have been a part of your life. Me too. God bless you for the many blessings you’ve brought to me and my family for so many years. And God bless the Cardinals too!


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