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Todd Lovelace Memorial Scholarship

Todd Elliott Lovelace
June 19, 1975 – December 29, 1996

Todd Elliott Lovelace was born June 19, 1975, and died December 29, 1996 at the age of twenty-one.

Todd was the middle son of Gary and Bronwyn Lovelace, with older brother Daniel having gone through the youth program at First United Methodist Church, and younger brother Drew actively involved at the present.

Todd was baptized at St. Mark United Methodist Church, Pensacola, Florida and confirmed at Smyrna First United Methodist Church in Georgia.

Todd was popular and outgoing, never wanting to exclude anyone, and always including the special person the rest of the group excluded. He was loyal and protective of his friends and especially his brothers.

Considered a natural athlete by his coaches, he excelled in football and baseball, making All Star baseball teams several times in Little League and Pony League Base-ball. He continued with baseball and football at Pensacola Catholic High School, but eventually concentrated on football. He was chosen both “Offensive Lineman of the Week” and “Defensive Lineman of the Week” by the Pensacola News-Journal and AM 1230, during his Senior Year. He was also selected to the “All Northwest Florida Football Team” in 1993-94, by the Northwest Florida Sportswriters Association and the Pensacola News Journal.

While at Pensacola Catholic High School, Todd was nominated for Mr. CHS, won a literature award at graduation, published a poem and won a County Botany Award. He was recruited by thirty-eight colleges, and offered scholarships, but chose to walk on at West Georgia College, as it was close to home.

Todd was active in the youth program at First United Methodist Church as a youth choir member, and went on five mission trips, including one to Jamaica.

On Easter Sunday, at age 4, the Rev. Janet Lee interviewed Todd at St. Mark United Methodist, on the subject of religion. Todd said, “God is someone who makes us happy. He lives in heaven, he had disciples, he makes the lightning, the wind and loves people, even when they are bad.” When posed with the question of what would be his last prayer, Todd responded, “to tell God I love him.”

We would like the Todd Elliott Lovelace Scholarship to go to someone who simply loves life, cares for people, enjoys sports, and whose last prayer would also be to tell God they love him.


1998 Todd Shaw
1999 Kendra Cole
2000 Sarah McLeod
2001 Drew Lovelace
2002 Matt Shaw


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